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Anonymous asked:
Oh no! Rape jokes, feminine-ity as insults, jokes about retards. God forbid celebrities have a sense of humour




i’ll link the sources later but you can literally find these by googling their names and the quote or the problem you have with them

i missed out on quite a few so i might make another soon

this just ruined a lot of things 4 me

Oh my god I never would have guessed these are real people!!!
It’s shocking!!!

I KNOW RIGHT!!!1 !!! WO W ! now people can actually encourage the actors to learn from their mistakes!!!! It’s almost like [gasp] they’d be able to learn from their mistakes like the rest of us!!! tHEyRE CELEBRITIES THOUGH THEIR MISTAKES SHOULDN’T BE POINTED OUT!!! Oh wait that tumblr user said something they shouldn’t have im GoNNA GO BULLY THEM. BUt dont say anything about these people THEY’RE ONLY HUMMAn!!!

[for a less sarcastic explanation of my actions: x and x]

Anonymous asked:
Calling him a disgusting little man is hating someone not pointing out there flaws but still liking them

"most of the actors"

Im not entirely sure i respect people who call women (who they personally find unattractive) a dog. 




i’ll link the sources later but you can literally find these by googling their names and the quote or the problem you have with them

i missed out on quite a few so i might make another soon

Hello miss perfect. What exactly are you trying to prove with this?

THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING SITE.We all claim to be so open and so accepting, but the moment someone who is on the TV or movie screen opens there mouth, we go fucking nuts. What the hell, bro? I love all of these men with my entire heart and sometimes they say things that I don’t agree with at all, but I don’t instantly go bat-shit crazy and decide they are the span of Satan. But you know what, people are people and they are allowed to make fucking mistakes. I understand that some people do actually hate these men, but why? Hating someone isn’t helping you is it? Is it making you feel better to hate someone by pointing out all the things that have somehow offended you? Please, please just keep remembering that we all are allowed to make mistakes 

im sorry i don’t realise i actually said i’ve stopped loving these people. And people online who say the exact same things get bullied. When tv stars say these we don’t go nuts. All the messages i’ve gotten are “THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN” which is the point I was trying to make. They’re not flawless saints and maybe once in a while we should see that these people make mistakes AND MAYBE ENCOURAGE THEM TO BEHAVE BETTER (like idk learning from their mistakes or acknowledging their mistakes and apologising for it? Is that a thing in the 21st century or are they excused from it b/c they’re celebrities)

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dear writing team of teen wolf


step away from the characters 

Anonymous asked:
Okay, so I can appreciate the fact that you were making a PSA about these people. Really though? Everyone can be a massive asshole, are you going to create a PowerPoint about them too? Let people love who they love. Sorry man, it just kind of irked me. I'm glad you were trying to help though.


…you’re kidding right? i JUST posted two posts clarifying what i meant when i made that post AND put it on my faq. 

Thank you for understanding i was just trying to help though

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supernatural needs a theme song

*loud rock guitar* WHITE DUUUDES *more guitar, some drums* BEING SAAAAAAD *guitar continues* nOOOOOOooooOOOooOOOOo HOMO *sound of guitar being smashed to pieces* 

*tries to create awareness on tumblr*

*accidentally creates controversy and starts huge argument*

Anonymous asked:
hello! I love your art and was wondering when you'd started doing digital work and if you had any trouble at first? I recently bought a tablet but i can't even draw anything without it looking really shaky and lineart is really hard to do... I was also wondering if you have any tips to get over it! Thank you :>


Hi! Thank you! I started doing digital work about 6 years ago. It was terrible - I would get so discouraged and stop doing it for days at a time. It was horrible and I didn’t think I’d ever get good at it.

Unfortunately, the only advice I can give is to practice! Just keep doing it. The more you do it, the better you’ll become! Also don’t get caught up in what you’re doing - don’t start feeling stressed that the lines aren’t coming out the way you want or the picture isn’t looking how you imagined. Just have fun and you’ll improve! Also, long confident strokes help. Use the digital media to your advantage - its easy to erase mistakes :) Hope that helps a bit!

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I don't mean this as "hate" or to be taken in a negative light or anything, but Jennifer did acknowledge what she said about Jesse Eisenberg and his OCD and said that it was a terrible thing for her to say and she apologised profusely. I'm not saying that excuses her being rude towards Jesse, but she did try and make up for her mistakes. Just thought you might be interested?? :) Have a nice day!

I didn’t actually find anything when i went to look for this so I’m gonna go check again! Thank you for that! I plan on making a second one soon so I’ll clarify it when i find the source! :)

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i wasn’t kidding when i said i got asked out by taylor swift once

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‹ I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible and when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people. ›
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Jared and hats appreciation

Anonymous asked:
why do you all of a sudden hate benedict i mean oh my god i really loved you and it just broke my heart when you made that post

I never said i hate him? Im sorry it made you feel that way but i talked more about it here and here